How to Earn Money by Sharing Links with CPAlead: Full Guide

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How to Earn Money by Sharing Links with CPAlead: Full Guide

Welcome to the CPAlead guide on how to make money by sharing links. This guide will walk you through different methods, starting with the easiest and progressing to more challenging strategies. Whether you're new to digital marketing or looking to expand your earning potential, this guide is your starting point.

Link Locker (Easiest Option)

What is a link locker?

A link locker works like a captcha. It is the only thing that stands between a visitor and the content they want. In order to obtain the content, an action must be completed on the link locker.

Instead of a normal captcha that asks you to find all images of buses, or stairs, or bicycles, the link locker will ask your visitor to complete one option from the list of their choice. The options displayed to your visitors are CPI (Cost Per Install) and CPA (Cost Per Action) offers in our system that are provided to us from our advertisers that target your visitor's country and device specifically. This means if your visitor is from India and they are using an Android phone, then they will only see offers from advertisers who are specifically targeting 'Android' and 'India'.

If you visitor is on a mobile device and they select a Cost Per Install offer from the list, then they will be required to download an app and install it. After the install is complete, the advertiser sends us a notification that an install event happened, you earn money, and your visitor will be automatically redirected to the location of your link. Cost Per Action offers are similar but typically work for all devices and require your visitor to complete a short survey before you get paid and your visitor is sent to your link's destination.

What links should I lock?

To answer this question, first ask yourself the question "What type of content would I install an app for to access?". To some, this answer may be a hot new Minecraft mod, perhaps a new cheat for Grand Theft Auto 5, maybe a leaked song by a music artist, the options are endless! You can make money from any link on the internet, your only job is to create a link locker and input the link that goes to that content. Remember your visitor will not be able to access the link to the content UNTIL they complete ONE action such as installing a mobile app or completing a survey.

How do I create a link locker?

First sign up for CPAlead. If you are already signed up for CPAlead, then login to your CPAlead account. For the next step, click on 'Tools' in the navigation and then select 'Link Locker' or 'File Locker' at the top of the page. Now think about the type of link you want to earn money from. Do you want to earn money from a file link or just a normal link to any page? Once you have made your decision, click on Link Locker or File Locker

For the example, I will use File Locker however the link locker setup is nearly identitical. For the file locker, first you will be asked to add 'Instruction Text'. Instruction Text is where you introduce the file to your visitor. If it is a mine craft mod, then perhaps you want to say 'Complete One Option Below to Download This Minecraft Mod'. Next you will need to define the file name which is simply the name of the file such as After you have entered the file name, next provide a link to the file. The link to the file is the location of the file which is where your visitor will go after they have completed a survey or install an app. When finished, click on the Create File Locker button to create the file locker.

After creating your file locker, you will now see a list of lockers you have created. If this is your first locker, you should only see one locker in the list. On the right, you will see a drop down menu for Options. Click on the Options button and select 'Get Code'. This will provide you with a link to the link locker or file locker, and this is the link you need to share with your visitors.

Where do I share the link CPAlead gives me for my file or link locker?

Choosing where to share the link to your file or link locker is easy. Just think of who would want the content being promised in the locker, and where they would be. If it's a minecraft mod, perhaps you could share the link with a Minecraft group on your favorite social network. Anyone within that group who wants that content will click on your link and then they will be asked to complete a survey or download an app to access the content you are promising. After they complete the action, you will earn the payout of the offer they chose and they will be granted access to the link that you locked.

Why is the link locker ranked the easiest?

The link locker is the easiest way to make money on CPAlead because it doen't involve any knowledge of affiliate marketing or how offers work. The link locker automatically displays offers available to your visitor's country and device. Your only job is to find the traffic and traffic is defined as people who want to access the content you promise within your link locker. People who want your content are most likely to complete an action such as installing an app or completing a survey to access your content.

Quick Setup Summary.

Create a CPAlead account, select All Tools in the navigation, click Create Link or File Locker, insert information about the link you are locking, after creating click on the options drop down menu to get the code or link to your link locker, then share that link with people who you think would be interested in the content you are promising within the locker.

Offer Wall (Medium difficulty)

What is an offer wall?

The offer wall is marked as medium difficulty as it requires you to have a website or mobile app where you have virtual currency that your users want. The offer wall displays the top offers such as mobile app installs or surveys from CPAlead that are targeted to your user's country and device. When your visitor completes an offer from the offer wall, they will earn the amount of virtual currency that is promised to them for the completion of that offer. You get to set the amount of points, gems, or gold you give to your users based on the payout amount of the offer.

How do I create an offer wall?

Sign up for a CPAlead account if you don't have one already, and if you already have an account then sign into your CPAlead account. Once signed into CPAlead, click on 'All Tools' and you will see an option to create an offer wall.

First you need to set an offer wall title which is only a name for your reference as your users will not see this name. The header title is what your users will see and this should be the name of your game or app. The instruction text should define what users have to do to earn your currency. The currency macro will be filled in automatically with the name you set later for your currency. The currency ratio is how much of your currency you will give to your users for every $1.00 USD you earn. This allows us to calculate the amount so we can accurately show your users how much they will earn for their errors on each survey they complete or mobile app they install.

For rewarding your users, you have two options. You can either reward them using the Postback option which automatically makes a post to your server with the user's information or you can reward them manually.

How do I manually reward my offer wall users?

If you want to reward your users manually then you will need to prompt your user for their email address or whatever else you use to identify their account. This prompt will appear on the offer wall. You can find the list of your visitors who need to rewarded for their leads at {{ route('dashboard.statistics.subid', [ app()->getLocale() ]) }}.

How do I automatically reward my offer wall users with a postback?

To setup your postback, click on the Postback option in the navigation. First you will want to make sure your server can work with our postback so click on the Test Tool. The postback URL is your URL we will send the post request to. Your script will need to GET our request and process the data we include in the URL we send you. The URL will include the data you specified so you can process this data in your script to automatically reward your user. Now you can insert test data using any values you want and then click on the submit button. You should receive a POST request from our server with the data you specified. If you need more help, click Documentation in the navigation under Postback. Here you will see examples and further instructions for setting up a postback.

Direct Offer Sharing (Hard difficulty)

How can I make money sharing direct links to CPI and CPA offers?

This is a little bit harder than the other options. While it's easier to copy and and paste an offer link, you need to be aware than you can only earn from the target device and country the offer is for. So for instance, if the offer you decided to promote and earn from requires traffic from Vietnam and Android devices, that means anyone who clicks who is from Vietnam and uses an iOS device will be a wasted click. Same goes for anyone who has an Android device but is from a country that is NOT Vietnam. This is why we usually recommend that users use link lockers instead as these tools automatically identify the device and country your visitor is from and then it will only display offers available to them, meaning that you waste a lot less clicks.

However some of the biggest earning CPAlead users only promote offers. They know how to get traffic that is specifically made for the offer. For instance, they may use Facebook Ads to only target Vietnamese traffic that use Android device for a campaign which ensures they only sending traffic that is compatible with the offer which maximizes their earnings.

CPAlead Referral Program

The CPAlead referral program is coming back soon. It's on our development schedule so expect to see it soon. We will update this documentation when it is ready.

Please keep checking back for more information on how to earn with CPAlead.

We will update this guide frequently so please keep checking back for more tips! There is more to come.

Noticed an error or an aspect of this post that requires correction? Please provide the post link and reach out to us. We appreciate your feedback and will address the issue promptly.

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