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    Astrapay CPI Offer

    Updated Friday, July 5, 2024 at 11:46 AM CDT

From daily, monthly, to annual needs #APAAJAASTRAPAY

Always trust AstraPay as a digital payment solution in your daily life! Starting from meeting household needs, paying for vehicle services, transportation to go to the office, paying insurance to hanging out in aesthetic cafes.

Now, you can pay for anything simply, safely and make you more profitable because AstraPay will always make your day.

Come on, take a look at what features there are in AstraPay: Paying for anything is simpler using a QRIS scan

Now, you don't need to worry about forgetting to bring your wallet when you're hanging out because there is AstraPay which makes your payments easier. Transactions are simpler, more comfortable and safe.

Paying for this has become easier

Who here panics if the house lights suddenly go out in the middle of the night, your credit runs out when you ask for a call, you forget your e-money card when you want to take the MRT, you want to cook but the supplies in the refrigerator run out, your body doesn't feel well but you don't want to go to the doctor? Here, there is AstraPay which will make you no longer panic if this incident happens.

- You can pay/buy Credit, Data Packages, Postpaid, Game Vouchers, Telkom, Internet, Cable TV, PLN, PDAM, PGN, Pertagas, Donations & Zakat, Insurance, and PBB from home using AstraPay.

- It's more comfortable to take public transportation without fear of missing your card because you can pay for MRT Jakarta, TransJakarta, Trans Jateng, Trans Jatim, Trans Jogja, Trans Semarang, Trans Batam and Daytrans using AstraPay

- Daily needs will be more economical using promotions from AstraPay at SayurBox, Segari, AlloFresh, and Halodoc.

Pay Astra Group Installments and Others

Now you only need one application to pay Astra Group installments such as FIFGROUP, TAF, ACC, Maucash, as well as monthly bills, taxes and many more.

Hassle-Free Top-up

Is your AstraPay balance low? Calm down, no need to panic! You can top-up your AstraPay balance via ATM, internet banking, or m-banking with +10 AstraPay partner banks including Bank Permata, BCA, BNI, CIMB Niaga, and other banks or you can go directly to the nearest Alfamart.

Transfer to Fellow Users

Now, if you want to transfer money to your parents, wife, children or partner, you can do it all with the Transfer Between Users feature, it's faster and of course there are no admin fees!

Collect as many AstraPoints as possible

1 AstraPoints = 1 Rupiah. Come on, collect as many AstraPoints as possible and exchange them for attractive vouchers for watching movies, shopping, traveling and hanging out at famous cafes.

Discover the fun of using AstraPay for your daily life

Because from daily, monthly to yearly needs #APAAJAASTRAPAY!


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