Top 17 Frequently Asked Questions on CPAlead

These are the top 17 questions regarding our CPA, CPI, and CPC features and marketplace on CPAlead.

There are plenty of ways to earn at CPAlead. The most popular way is the most traditional way, share a link to one of our mobile app install offers with your traffic. If they click on your link and download the app (CPI) then you earn a commission.

If you're a mobile app developer then simply implement our offerwall and ask your visitors to install an app to access your in-app rewards or currency. If you are a social media influencer, ask your subscribers and followers to interact with an offer to support you or to unlock premium content. If you are a media buyer, then simply buy traffic and send the traffic to any of our CPA or CPI offers.

Android and iOS app developers want app installs and it's difficult to get installs through the appstore when their app is new. Many apps never get a chance and are never seen by users in the appstore. To jumpstart their app's rank in the app store, they purchase installs from cost-per-install (CPI) networks like ours. Typically, the more installs an app receives will improve the rank of the app in the Apple or Google App Store. Many app developers create CPI campaigns for their app as part of their App Store Optimization (ASO) effort to boost their app's rank. Other app developers find it profitable to continue to purchase installs as they earn more from in-app interaction per user than they pay for the install.

You will get paid on a daily basis, which means you get paid EVERY day for offers labeled as Fast Pay offers. This means every 24 hours. There are still some offers in our system that pay on a NET30 basis and if you'd like to avoid those, then simply only promote offers that have the 'Fast Pay' label next to them.

Using our offer wall tools with your Android or iOS mobile app, you can earn more revenue per user than any other ad solution on the market. With the Offer Wall, you can incentivize your user to install an app or answer a survey to earn your in-game or in-app virtual currency. We also offer our Interstitial ad tool that will pop full page ads or apps, or you can run banners within your website or mobile app.

Of course! Our tools will automatically detect whether your user is using a mobile or desktop device and display the correct version of the offer for that device. While we specialize in CPI mobile campaigns, we also have CPA offers for desktop devices.

Then simply share links to our offers on your social media pages. It's very easy. Just find an offer that you think would interest your users and share a link to it with a reason why your users should click it.

An interstitial is a full page ad that displays inside your website or mobile app. You can customize this tool so it displays an ad for a set number of seconds before a user can access your content. If your user decides to interact with the ad, you will earn money. Interstitial ads vary from free-sample surveys to ads that automatically pop an app inside of an app store.

CPA means Cost Per Action. With the CPA model, you will earn more money than traditional marketing methods because you are paid for the result of interactions with our ads directly. With CPM, you're typically put into a group of other affiliate marketers and the advertiser pays you based on the performance of the group. The beauty of CPA is that you are paid for the performance of your own traffic which means other affiliate marketers who are under performing can't bring your earnings down. We suggest using our Offer Wall as tthis tool allows you to incentivize a user to interact with a CPA or CPI offer to get YOUR mobile app or website reward / premium content. The better your reward, the more money you'll make.

A lead is the result of a completed action with an advertisement. For instance, if your visitors installed 50 mobile apps and completed 100 surveys, you would have 150 leads.

It depends on how much traffic you have and what country that traffic is coming from. In most cases, you will earn around $1 per user interaction but depending on the type of traffic, you can earn as much as $50 per interaction. We've had members earn over $1,000,000 with our network and we've also given away prizes such as a Maserati and trips to our office in Vegas. There simply are no limits. See our Maserati Giveaway.

Yes! You can encourage metaverse users to interact with our CPI or CPA ads using our offerwall. When they install an app or complete a survey, they can earn in-world currency such as MANA or Matic.

For every $1 you earn, you will earn 1,000 points. When you reach certain point thresholds, you will unlock prizes which we will ship to you for free at the end of the month. We have lifetime and monthly rewards!

The CPAlead chat room is where our members discuss the latest methods and share their earnings with other members. Have you earned a lot of money on CPAlead today? Awesome, shout your earnings in chat and let everyone know how successful you are! It's a great way to make friends with other like minded affiliate marketers.

The market place simply connects those looking for traffic to those that have traffic. If you have traffic, that means you're looking to earn money from your traffic. If you don't have traffic, that means you're looking to pay someone who has traffic.

Every time someone completes an action from a member you referred to, you will earn a 5% bonus. For example, if your referral earned $1,000 you would earn $50.

Our development team spends a lot of time adding features to our tools to allow for more customization. You can customize our Offer Wall tool to match your website or mobile app PERFECTLY. For our advanced members, you can even customize ALL of the HTML and CSS.

Our advertisers simply want REAL leads and traffic. If you plan on sending bots (fake traffic) to our ads, please don't waste your time, you need real users to complete actions (installing apps, answering surveys, purchasing products). It's very easy to get real traffic, the most popular way is through purchasing CPC or CPV traffic as a media buyer or marketing to groups, friends, or organizations on social networks.